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From Plato to Carl Jung and beyond, archetypes have had a long history in helping people organize and make sense of information. RETScreen Expert harnesses the power of archetypes to organize and make sense of a huge number of variables – making it easier than ever before to make the best clean energy decisions. 

Designed to be used in conjunction with RETScreen Expert’s Virtual Energy Analyzer, the new archetypes are similar to RETScreen’s existing templates yet considerably more detailed and expansive. Archetypes are rated according to how much information they contain. Five-star archetypes are very detailed and include incremental costs;  loading one up is comparable to an initial draft of a pre-feasibility study or energy audit. And like templates, facility archetypes can be modified according to user needs and geographic location.

Five-star archetypes have already been developed for a full complement of facility types, as listed below:

Chemical - Pharmaceuticals/Medical - Pharmaceuticals
Fabricated metal products - Metal fabrication
Food - Bakery
Furniture - Wood
Machinery - Printed circuit board
Plastics/Rubber products - Injection molding/Plastic bag
Textiles - Apparel

Education - Elementary school/Primary school
Education - High school/Secondary school
Food retail - Supermarket/Grocery store
Food services - Full service restaurant
Food services - Quick service restaurant
Health care - Clinic/Outpatient
Health care - Hospital/Inpatient
Lodging - Hotel - Large
Lodging - Hotel - Small
Non-food retail - Stand-alone retail
Non-food retail - Strip mall
Office building - Large
Office building - Medium
Office building - Small
Warehouse/Storage - Warehouse - Conditioned

Apartment building/Multi-unit housing - Apartment - Mid-rise


Archetypes have also been developed for a number of power generation facilities. Integrated features such as a Smart Project Identifier help the user hone in on the most relevant project options, and a built-in Cost Database can even help estimate the price tag of a potential project. Existing archetypes will continue to be refined and new archetypes will continuously be added. Eventually, users of RETScreen Expert will be able to analyze any type of facility – giving our users unprecedented power to actualize clean energy.

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