Industry Benchmark Report Water Risk Tools

Autor: South Pole Carbon Asset Management Ltd. (South Pole Group) March 14, 2017
Tipo:Other internal document

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This report can assist companies in determining the probability of their water related risks, as it identifies the most commonly used generic tools and rationale for developing in-house tools. Moreover, it assesses to what extent external stakeholders and contextual risk factors are most commonly involved in the process. 

Developed for the project Corporate Water Stewardship (CWS) Initiative in Colombia. It is a project of the Global Water Program of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and aims to scale up Water Footprinting, robust risk assessments and to promote corporate water stewardship strategies through practical business cases. The CWS initiative in Colombia is developed along with the National Business Association (ANDI), Centro Nacional de Producción Más Limpia (CNPML), Quantis, South Pole Group and Insitu.

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