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The tool offers the companies a web-based technical assistance to profile their environmental performance at low cost.

Facilitate the analysis of environmental performance by means of online technical diagnoses, with which the company or organization can identify the areas with potential for improvement or environmental risk, as well as those in which there is most progress expected.
With the result of this diagnosis, the companies can implement goo practices to improve their environmental performance and obtain benefits
economic, environmental and social.

Such a way, the supporting NCPC can focus on priorized fields of activities and prepare best the company in depth assessment. In addition, the tool provides the NCPC with strategic information of the environmental performance of the industrial sectors.


Objetivode la herriamenta:
Facilitar el análisis del desempeño ambiental por medio de diagnósticos técnicos en línea, con los cuales la empresa u organización puede identificar las áreas con potencial de mejora o de riesgo ambiental, así como aquellas en las que se tiene avance.  
Con el resultado de dichos diagnósticos las empresas pueden implementar buenas prácticas para mejorar su desempeño ambiental y obtener beneficios económicos, ambientales y sociales.


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Contact / Contacto
Email:  lmunoz@cgpl.org.gt o avillela@cgpl.org.gt

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Johannes Fresner (2018-07-08 09:46:37)

This webbased tool is very nice and useful to get in touch with industry, as a quick introduction. Would be handy blending this with edit value tool, ISO14001 questionaire, and other existing checklists,like that from Stevens/Rwanda.

Luis Munoz (2018-07-08 09:43:16)

We defined a technical programm to facilitate this tool to the companies (PROGRAMA DE DESEMPEÑO AMBIENTAL), it includes some technical assistance of the NCPC to the companies using the same tool, the idea is to reduce time of the technical personnel (the NCPC personnel can use the tool with smarthphones or tables in the technical visits and the tool do the report almost automatically, aprox. 40% of reduction in time).  In next days we gonna upload some new checklists:  ISO 14,000 (we did some pilot practice about it), solid wastes, chemicals and green office.

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