RECP Experiences at ASFALCA

Autor: El Salvador NCPC August 24, 2015
Tipo:RECP Experience Study

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Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) implementation at ASFALCA led to annual savings of USD 13,694, an investment of USD 678,002.00, and improved product quality and a new product line of Cold Asphalt Mixtures with sales the first year of USD 506,752.00. While the initial intent of the company was to address the problem of Chemical Management, the RECP programme enabled the company to also improve their Energy Efficiency and reduce the quantity of GHG emissions generated per unit of production. ASFALCA has demonstrated that taking care of materials, energy, water, waste and emissions, the enterprises may increase the competitiveness and make good business sense. RECP covers the application of preventive management strategies, which increase the productive use of natural resources, minimize generation of residues, waste and emissions, and foster safe and responsible production. Benefits are eminent in many enterprises, regardless of sector, location or size.
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